AMA Gastrosiegel Award


Dear Guest!
For the fresh food preparation and the use of regional raw materials we were awarded the AMA Gastrosiegel:

Beef and pork: meat from Austria, from Peter Kronister, Klein-Pöchlarn and Berger, Sieghartskirchen
Milk and milk products: from Austria with the AMA seal of quality
Eggs (soil conservation): Alois Lechner, Marbach
Potatoes: u.a. Franz Schuster, Marbach

Seasonal and root vegetables: Alois Lechner, Marbach asparagus from the Marchfeld, Wachauer apricots
Wild: from domestic hunting from the wild gathering place Christian Rötzer, Marbach
Brown trout, rainbow trout, char: Alois Pöcksteiner, St. Oswald Depending on availability: ask for fresh donaufisch

Homemade from the kitchen chef:

  • loaf
  • liver pate
  • Apricot and plum jam
  • Particularly in demand are our marillenknödel and the crusty Schweinsbraten.